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Website Development

Samples of Developed Sites
20th Century Homes Inc.

-Photo of world renowned gazebo.
-High end photography
-Image optimization
-Created and Developed marketing copy

Cornell's Irish Pub

-Original high-end photography
-Marketing copy
-Ad design
-Photo journalistic photography
-Website Development


-Rollover buttons
-Ad Design
-High end photography
-Updated directory

Colella's Supermarket, took advantage of the special ability that Instapic has for visually stunning presentations.

    We developed and designed this site from a totally blank slate and presented the conceptual design to the clients.


All photographs in Colella's web site were taken by our professional staff which is experienced in portrait, news, product and feature photography.


Colella's website has

   � Navigational Map

   � Image optimization

   � High end photography

   � Client upload capability

   � Visitor counter

   � Email link 


HopNews makes use of:

     � Roll-over buttons

     � Java

     � Web and site search engine  

     � Remote client uploads

     � Video

     � Music

     � Weather   

Photographic Images website was developed from scratch, including logo design and photos.

� Javascript Rollovers
� Slide Shows
� Public Domain Music
� Frames
� Protected Images
� Newsletter
� Windows Movies

      Instapic web development services are especially valued by photographers, who in general, value high quality image presentations.
       The screen-shot graphic to the left has a file size one fifth of its size at the highest resolution. It has been optimized with a low resolution, because the pictorial information presented on this page is not intended to impress, but to direct the viewer to the actual site.

      Gail Maloney provided us with all of her text in Word documents and her photos as prints , slides and negatives. Her detailed plan saved her a lot of money. Take a look at her web site, which we designed and developed and note the other options available:

� Separate image window browsers
� Image protection (Try to download and save!)
� No frames
� Licensed music
� Pictorial icons
� Logo Integration

Visit Gail Maloney's Portrait Web Site

Visit Craig Roberts Portrait Studio Web Site

We can't take credit for Craig Robert's entire web site.
We helped with:
� The digital capture and enhancement of his fine photographs
� Development of his actual and virtual newsletter
� Development of his logo design, from inception to implementation.

       Craig Roberts' web site makes use of image optimization, which balances image quality with download speed.